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Travel Data Solutions

Get a Grip on Your Data Needs with GRASP Technologies

GRASP Data is the preferred reporting/BI tool for ABC Global Services. Travel management companies receive a vast amount of information at a rapid and exponential rate, and managing this data is critical for many departments including finance, human resources, administration, sales and corporate operations. ABC partnered with Grasp Technologies to provide TMCs a number of solutions to manage this data influx. From improving workflows to saving time and money, GRASP solutions provide the tools needed to get data under control.

  • Grasp Data (Reporting/BI)
  • Grasp Print-My-Invoice (DIY Invoice Retrieval)
  • Grasp Prepare (Trams Data Cleanser)
  • Grasp Agent (DIY Portal for Productivity-Based, Commission-Based, ICs or Outside Agents)
  • Grasp Direct (Direct Connect Mulit-Modular Agent Software for Trams)
  • CC Reconciliation
  • Grasp ASP (Cloud Hosting Service)
  • Automated Currency Conversion for Trams
  • Custom IT Projects
  • Grasp Government Reporting
  • Custom Crystal Report Design

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